A new way to watch moving image! is a website gathering tools allowing people to get the rid of the unnecesary information present in any video.

Why use Lazyfier for your video?

We live in an age of the human being history where we are surounded by images: "Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views" (from Youtube Statistics).
The fact is that everyone is recording in his brain millions of images each day! At this speed, we are moving towards a mental overload or worst a continuous memory erasing!

Lazyfier was created to provide to people the ability of watching "information optimized video".

How it's work?

Lazyfier algorithm is inspired from video compression principles. In short, it's about keeping only the pixels bringing new "information" to the viewer, otherwise pixels are not displayed, blank or in Lazyfier "green"...


Processing sketch

The first step of this project is a raw software write in Processing language.

You can grab the code on GitHub: Lazyfier repository

Online lazyfier app

Coming soon...

About the project

Lazifier is a work in progress project just started for the opening of the 60th Salon de Montrouge exhibition (5 May to 3 June 2015).
This project follow the art video Lazy Pixel, 2013 as a continuum. In this video, I propose a "new way to watch moving image". So, I decide to release tools used to generate such video.